Ankit Virparia

Ankit Virparia

Ankit Virparia

I have been into this fast growing IT industry since many years. During these years, I have seen the rapid changes happening in the science & technology. Today’s new invention becomes timeworn within a very short duration as day-by-day new innovations are coined. So as a Professor and Programmer I am here to help you!

As a Programmer
I am a Self-motivated and goal oriented Person. I have ability to follow through with projects from inception to completion using analytical and problem solving skills, possess high programming skills, well at logic building, ability to adopt any programming environment with very short learning curve, capable of managing and developing web. Versatile team player with excellent communication skills and can work in a group as well as individually to handle the entire life cycle of application developments.

As a Trainer
What’s your hook? Successful training needs to be engaging, well-structured, and learner-oriented. In other words, what’s in it for you (Learner)? I personally feel that Technology is to be taught to young generation by a young one! I have spent my career in developing and designing training products, services, events and workshops that merge programming learning techniques and technologies. The result is entertaining and effective training with extremely high student satisfaction.

Since 16th June 2011, I am working as a professor in Department of Computer Engineering, Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering, INDUS UNIVERSITY. Subjects which I Love to teach are: Web Application Development, Object Oriented Programming with Java, Advance Java, Enterprise JAVA Technology, PHP, Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Operating Systems, Database, Parallel Processing, C Programming, Advanced Computer Networks, etc…

I completed my B.E. from L.D.R.P. Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar in the year 2009. When I was still a student in 5th Semester I started with freelancing. I did my first project which was to develop a website. It was fun and Interesting. Later on I started my own software consultancy business named: ARCHER SOLUTIONS. At present we have developed 185+ websites. After completing my B.E. degree, I had a wish to further continue for master’s degree. Having got a good score in GATE 2009, I got admission at NIRMA UNIVERSITY. As Education is a never ending roadway, I am still on the track and searching a Guide for my Ph.D.

I did my B.E. Project work as well as M.Tech dissertation at Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad, Which developed my interest in Satellite Image Processing domain.

Professional Services
Anything related to Open Source, Web Programming, Training, Project Development, Testing, Debugging, Project Management, Remote Training is my cup of tea!

International Publications

  • Vision Defects Identification System using Image Processing Framework International Journal of Research & Innovation in Computer Engineering , Vol 2, Issue 2 , April     2012, ISSN 2249-6580, (219-222)
  • Detection of Moving Object using Continuous Background Estimation based on Probability of Pixel Intensity Occurrences International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Volume 3, Issue 5,May 2012

My Thoughts for Success

The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business–or almost anywhere else for that matter.