• Explain the following HTTP command
    GET /index.html HTTP/1.0 (4 Marks)
  • Write HTML tags to generate the following output. (3 Marks)
    Position Name CIty



    I. Hawthron Shield

    II. Green Sheild

    A. UK

    B. Netherland

  • How can a browser be stopped from caching a page? (2 Marks)
  • How Divide and Pound symbol can be put on HTML document? (2 Marks)
  • Show the use of inline frame in XHTML document. (3 Marks)
  • Explain the following HTML tags. (4 Marks)
    a. <dl> </dl>
    b. <input type=”file”/>
  • Answer the following with respect to web design. (7 Marks)
    1. Bowser compatibility issue and its possible solution.
    2. What is navigation? Discuss the characteristics of effective navigation.
  • What is an HTML form? Discuss the different form attributes and design
    a simple form to register for new semester. (7 Marks)
  • Explain following terms with example. (4 Marks)
    <optgroup>, <span>


  • Write the following styles in separate CSS file and also show how to link this CSS file in HTML file and show use of styles. (7 Marks)
    (i) The headings should have normal font style and font’s size should be 120%
    (ii) Define a class arial for paragraph which defines font family
    arial and font style bold.
    (iii) Apply a background color yellow and apply a
    background image “browntile.jpg”
  • What is the difference between class and id? How can a style rule be defined with an id redheading that gives red color to heading h1
    with text of heading right aligned?What would be the output of
    the following code in relation tostyle defined in this problem? (7 Marks)
    <h2 id=”redheading”> This is red heading</h2>
    <p id=”redheading”> This is red heading</p>
    <h1 id=”redheading”> This is red heading</h1>
  • What is CSS? Explain different ways to write the CSS and show the
    importance of “id” and “class” in CSS. (7 Marks)
  • Define CSS. Enlist and explain methods of using CSS in web page.
    Specify the CSS to provide; link: after visited blue color and before
    visited red color, table with odd rows white and even rows blue color. (7 Marks)
  • Explain CSS with all types. Explain BOX MODEL. (7 Marks)
  • Write down HTML/CSS code to create table with 5 rows and 3 columns. Even no. of rows display in green color and odd no.of rows display in
    yellow color. (7 Marks)


  • Write a JAVAScript to print characters of a string at odd positions.(for example for the string India, I, d and a should get printed). (4 Marks)
  • Write a JAVAScript to take2 digit number and then separate these 2 digits, then multiply first digit by itself for second digit times.( for example, 23 should be separated as 2 and 3. 2 should multiply with itself 3 times). (3 Marks)
  • Explain document object in JavaScript. (3 Marks)
  • How user defined objects are created in JAVAScript? How a
    constructor can be used to populate data in the object? (7 Marks)
  • Show the use of events to change background color with DHTML. If mouse button is pressed, background color
    should be red. If mouse button is released up, background color should be yellow (3 Marks)
  • Design an login form using HTML and JavaScript with following
    validations on password field : minimum length 8 characters, it should
    have some special character (7 Marks)
  • Why do you need validation? Show the use of regular expression in
    JavaScript to validate the email address with example. (7 Marks)
  • What are JavaScript objects? List the important built-in objects. How can
    you write your own object? (7 Marks)
  • Explain the event handling in JavaScript with simple example. (3 Marks)
  • Differentiate between HTML and XHTML. Write XHTML to generate table having following structure: (3 Marks)
    First Second Third
    Computer Civil  
    Result :
  • Explain DOM structure of HTML. Write using JavaScript: how to know which mouse button was clicked, number of elements in form, and write
    hello world. (7 Marks)
  • Define DHTML. Explain onLoad, onBlur, image preloading, change
    image size, mouse curser position (7 Marks)
  • Differentiate between server side and client side scripting languages.
    Write HTML and JavaScript to take input for loginname, password,
    birthdate, email address, phone no. and validate them. (7 Marks)
  • What are differences between client side and server side scripting
    language? Write down java script code to check mobile number ( mobile
    number should start with 9 or 8) and mail id(check @ and .). (7 Marks)
  • Write down java script code to validate user name and password
    (password length must in between 6 to 12 characters. User name should
    not start with _, @, or any number, both are not blank). (7 Marks)


  • Explain the document structure of XHTML document (4 Marks)
  • Explain the use of XSL Elements value-of, for-each, sort with example. (7 Marks)
  • Explain the two ways in which XML parser checks whether a
    document follows the expected order and structure. (7 Marks)
  • Give the document structure for the XHML document and give the
    characteristics which differentiate it from HTML (7 Marks)
  • What is DTD? Give and explain the sample DTD. (4 Marks)
  • XSL transformation (7 Marks)
  • Compare and contrast between HTML and XML. Write any XML
    document and DTD to describe itsstructure including elements,
    attributes and entities. (7 Marks)
  • Explain XSL and XSLT using example. (7 Marks)
  • Explain importance of DOCUMENT_ROOT and specify the same for
    apache web server. Specify the name and path for configuration file,
    error log file, access log file of apache. How to change the default file
    type being responded by web server. Define dynamic IP. Consider all in
    the question Unix/Linux. (7 Marks)
  • Generate XML file from below code: (4 Marks)
  • Explain following terms: <xs: sequence>, <value-of>, <for-each> (3 Marks)
  • What is XML ELEMENT and XML Schema? Explain CDATA and PCDATA with example. (7 Marks)


  • Write modules using HTML and PHP to store information of employee (employee id, job title, years of experience) in an array.
    And output the data to a web page by arranging the employees in
    ascending order of experience. (7 Marks)
  • Create a database called country and create table called city having fields (cityname, area, population)using PHP commands. Create an HTML form to get the city data and write a script to insert that data into the table. (7 Marks)
  • Write PHP programs to (7 Marks)
    1. To print whether current year is leap year or not.
    2. To print whether given number is odd or even.
  • Write PHP program to print first 10 Fibonacci numbers.
  • What are the different types of arrays in PHP? Explain with example to
    process the arrays in PHP. (7 Marks)
  • What are cookies? Explain the cookies handling in PHP with proper example. (7 Marks)
  • Explain the following with respect to PHP. (7 Marks)
    1. Sending an email
    2. String processing
  • How can you connect to database in PHP? Show the simple database
    operation using PHP with proper example. (7 Marks)
  • Explain different ways to pass information from one web page to other(s). Write a PHP program to explain any two ways. (7 Marks)
  • Write a note on server side include. Write a PHP program to
    demonstrate the same. (7 Marks)
  • Write a PHP program to parse and validate XML file using DTD (7 Marks)
  • Write a PHP program to create MySQL database and table; insert,
    retrieve data from table, alter the table to add a column and add data in
    that new column (7 Marks)
  • Explain need of URL redirection. Write the same in PHP, HTML and JavaScript. (7 Marks)
  • Explain variable function and magic methods using PHP program. (7 Marks)
  • How do you create cookie in PHP? Give difference between session and cookie with example. (7 Marks)
  • What’s myadmin and database bug. What’s function in PHP? Explain types of function with example. (7 Marks)
  • What’s PHP? Write down source code to create database and retrieve data with connection of PHP. (7 Marks)
  • How do you connect to server with PHP? Explain withexample. (7 Marks)
  • What are basic commands of PHP? Explain with example. (7 Marks)


  • Explain the architecture of the browser. (3 Marks)
  • What role does the following parameter play in web site design issues? (4 Marks)
    a. Bandwidth and cache
    b. sitemap
  • Explain RSS <item> elements with example. (7 Marks)
  • What is a blog? (4 Marks)
  • What are Web feeds? (3 Marks)
  • Explain elements of SOAP with XML (7 Marks)
  • What is stored in Content-Type header for a SOAP request and response? (4 Marks)
  • What is the need for web service? (3 Marks)
  • What do you mean by planning a website? Discuss about the objectives
    and goals, and target audience in detail with proper example. (7 Marks)
  • How do you identify the contents for your website? How do you organize
    them for easy and quick access? Discuss with some real example. (7 Marks)
  • Web feeds (3 Marks)
  • Enlist and explain the website design principles. (7 Marks)
  • Specify port numbers for httpd and mysqld services. (1 Mark)
  • Explain need and working of web services with diagram. (7 Marks)
  • Explain web feed and blogs with their importance and in specific
    situation where they should be used. (7 Marks)
  • Explain the settings required for apache web server and PHP to run PHP programs. Mention how to do the following: consider all the questions Unix/Linux. (7 Marks)
    – Start mysqld and apache services and how to check status.
    – Take backup of mysql database tables and how to restore them.
    – How logging of web server users.
  • Explain following terms: URI, Web browser, HTTP (3 Marks)
  • Give the answer of following question. (7 Marks)
    i) Justify it:” HTTP is called as stateless protocol”.
    ii) How can you open a link in a new browser window?
    iii) What’s the correct syntax for referring to an external script called
    1) <script href=”abc.js”>
    2) <script src=”abc.js”>
    3) <script target=”abc.js”>
    iv) What is difference between Java script and JAVA?
    v) Give difference between DTD and XML schema.
    vi) Justify it: “Java script is used in validation techniques”.
    vii) Which file can be configured for Apache Web Server?
  • What’s contribution of SOAP, Web feeds and BLOGS toweb services? What is aggregation in web services? (7 Marks)
  • What’s SOAP? Explain structure of SOAP. (7 Marks)
  • Explain Web server. Give difference between IIS and Apache Web Server? Write down only steps of UNIX/LINUX web server. (7 Marks)
    What is the relation ship among SOAP, XML, and HTTP? Explain with example (7 Marks)