Whenever you visit my website, I can automatically and silently determine whether you are logged in directly into Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, GMail and other websites. I can apply the same trick on thousands of other sites too, but I picked a couple of vulnerable popular ones to get your focus.

You would possibly not care that I can inform you’re logged into GMail, but as a developer you will take this seriously as you can find out whether your website user uses GMail account or not? I will explain – Why!
Being a website programmer, you might love to know if your visitors are logged into GMail; with that knowledge you can offer them a email field in a “html form” automatically with “@gmail.com” as postfix. Perhaps you might want to make your current Facebook “like” buttons more prominent if you’re able to tell your current visitor is logged into Facebook at the moment?

Your login status!

Server/Website Status
GMail.com Checking
Facebook.com Checking
Twitter.com Checking


Want to learn how this can be done? I am publishing a video very soon on this. Come back tomorrow.